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About iLawyer Marketing is a law firm marketing company that works exclusively with law firms all across the United States.

We have clients in many parts of the country including California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, New York and more. We work with law firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners to large firms. We work with those law firms who are looking to aggressively market their practice online. We specialize in cutting edge web design and search engine optimization, the process of helping a website to improve it’s visibility on the search engines for targeted search terms.

Our experience has shown us that if your website does not appear on the 1st page of results of search engines, most importantly Google, for the most common search terms that consumers use when searching for an attorney, your website will most likely not be found. Law firms with 1st page rankings on Google for a wide variety of search terms are able to generate new leads from their website on a consistent basis.

In today’s competitive legal marketplace, simply having a website is not enough. You need a website that makes a powerful impression on your site visitors if you want to maximize the leads from your site.

Our goal when designing your website is to make it appealing, attention grabbing and of course to try and make it look better than your competitors website. It’s important to understand that the average consumer looks at five different law firm websites when searching online for a lawyer. The stronger the website design, the better the chances are that you keep that visitor on your site and not your competitors. In addition, we offer legal content writing services to help convert your site visitors into your new clients.

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What makes us unique is our ability to get our clients to the 1st page of Google for the most competitive search terms online. If you want to improve your law firm’s visibility on the internet, we can help.

What makes us different than other lawyer marketing companies?

Highest Rated SEO firm in the Legal Industry
iLawyer Marketing is the highest rated SEO firm in the legal industry. Not based on opinion, but on Google... ranking data. Ask us to share this data with you!
No long term contracts
Some agencies push for 2 or 3 year SEO contracts. Not us. Unlike other law firm marketing... agencies, we do not require long term contracts to work with us.
Superior websites
Our websites not only are known for being the most beautiful in the industry, but they are also coded... in an intelligent way to make sure our sites are built SEO friendly.
Limited number of firms
We limit the number of law firms we work with in any market so that we can focus on... all of our clients and help them succeed.
Call tracking + Analytics
Know exactly where your leads are coming from so that you can make smarter marketing budget decisions.

At the end of the day what makes us different is our people.

Since 2005, we have grown from a one-man shop to a team of over 40 employees who all share a passion and drive to be the very best at what they do. Unlike most other law firm marketing companies, we don’t outsource our work overseas. In fact we don’t outsource anything. Everything we do we keep in house because because our people are the brightest and best. Our team is filled with creative, passionate and knowledgeable people who truly care about the work they perform. This is evident by looking at the quality of the work we put out.

While most companies make wild claims about what they can do for you, we choose to show you our ability with our actions. While we don’t guarantee results since we have no control over the constantly changing search engine algorithms, what we can guarantee is our commitment to do everything we can to make your marketing work for you and to keep you as a client for years to come. A client retention rate of over 90% is a testament that what we do works.

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