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iLawyer Marketing has been helping law firms run smarter and more successful marketing campaigns for nearly 20 years. You are not dealing with a random company with very little experience. Each of our consultants have between 6-15+ years of experience helping law firms to create smarter, better marketing campaigns. They are some of the best consultants in the law firm marketing industry. We will share how we can help you to generate more targeted, high quality leads and more new signed cases.

Session Agenda

  • Discuss your needs and goals: Lead volume, new signed cases, revenue targets, types of cases you are looking to target, etc.
  • Discuss your current marketing: We will discuss what is working and what is not working for you currently.
  • Show you how we are helping firms like yours: We will share specific examples of how we are helping law firms to meet their goals.

You will learn a TON after this strategy session. Book your time below.

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