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iLawyerMarketing offers Mass Tort marketing and acquisition services for law firms nationwide

  • Mass Tort Leads
  • Mass Tort Signed Retainers [flat fee per signed retainer]

Why use iLawyerMarketing for generating mass tort leads and cases for your law firm?

  • We have specialized in law firm marketing for nearly 20 years
  • We have a proven track record of success with both mass tort SEO and mass tort paid search marketing
  • We use a customized approach for every client we work with
  • We use a rigorous quality control process to ensure we only send high quality leads or signed retainers
  • 100% of all your leads are only sent to your law firm (unlike other providers that send the same lead to

The Complete Mass Tort Leads to Signed Retainers Solution

iLawyerMarketing can handle all aspects for you:

  1. Running ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other relevant social channels
  2. Our expertly trained call center employees talks to leads and ensure they meet all eligibility criteria
  3. We have the claimant sign your law firm’s retainer via e-signature

What Kind of Mass Tort Leads & Signed Retainers Do You Want?

Mass torts can be a powerful way to add serious revenue to your law firm. However, as with any other competitive space for law firms, you need the best marketing company at your side to help you generate mass tort leads and sign more mass tort retainers for your firm. Whether we are talking about mass tort SEO or paid search for mass torts, competition is fierce so your marketing needs to be better than the competition. The right marketing solutions will depend on your specific needs and the types of cases you are looking to target. What kind of leads are you looking for?

  • Camp Lejeune leads
  • AFFF Firefoam leads
  • Talcum Power leads
  • Bard Powerport mass tort leads
  • Sexual abuse/sexual assault leads
  • Paraquat mass tort leads
  • Tepezza mass tort leads
  • Roundup leads

iLawyerMarketing is also great at jumping quickly on brand new mass torts. Is there a specific mass tort you would like to target that is not listed above? Call us right away and find out if we can help.

Mass Tort Leads FAQs

Question: What makes your firm different from other mass tort agencies?
Answer: The experience that our team members have in helping law firms successfully market their practice online is unmatched. We have been helping law firms create smarter, more successful marketing campaigns for nearly 20 years. Additionally, our annual consumer research studies on how people hire attorneys gives us insight that no other legal marketing company has. This knowledge is important for maximizing performance of ads and the improving performance of landing pages. These things play a very important part in successful mass tort lead generation. Ultimately, this means more mass tort leads and more mass tort signed retainers. There are not many great mass tort lead generation companies out there. We feel we are one of the best.

Question: Do you run Television commercials?
Answer: No, because streaming service ads combined with smarter marketing on social media platforms can be much more powerful with their ability to laser target specific demographic audiences. For the same budget, you can get fare more with smarter marketing efforts.

Question: Do you handle search engine optimization (SEO) for mass tort lead generation?
Answer: Yes. iLawyer Marketing is the premier legal SEO agency in the country. Ask us to share our mass tort SEO success stories with live examples on Google and you will be impressed!

Question: What platforms do you run ads on?
Answer: We will advertise on the platform(s) that make the most sense for you when it comes to generating mass tort cases. This includes:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • YouTube Ads
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