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Reduce Your Law Firm’s Tax Liability for 2023 and Increase Your Leads with These 9 Digital Marketing Ideas

If you are like most other business owners, you are wanting to reduce the size of your tax payment to Uncle Sam. One of the smartest ways to reduce your tax liability is through digital marketing, especially since it’s an…

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New Study: Top 5 Reasons Why Consumers Leave a Law Firm Website

As part of our regular research into how consumers hire lawyers, we wanted to conduct a new study that looked at ways that law firm’s could increase the number of leads for their practice. The study involved over 1,300 participants…

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How a Better Legal Intake Process Can Increase Revenue for Your Law Firm

You want more leads and more signed cases, right? As experts in law firm marketing, we have always focused our services on helping law firms generate more business by providing next level SEO services, running smarter PPC campaigns, providing great legal…

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Click test study: LSA Ads, Local Pack or Organic Results

In an ever-evolving digital marketing environment, one element remains consistent – Google’s domination of search engine market share. This also holds true when it comes to how consumers research and look for lawyers online, with 90% of consumers saying they…

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What Digital Platforms Consumers Use to Find Lawyers Online in 2023

The process of consumers researching which law firm they should hire is more involved than most attorneys realize. While the significant majority of all consumers use Google, that’s not the only source they use when searching for law firms online….

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