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New Study: Top 5 Reasons Why Consumers Leave a Law Firm Website

As part of our regular research into how consumers hire lawyers, we wanted to conduct a new study that looked at ways that law firm’s could increase the number of leads for their practice. The study involved over 1,300 participants…

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Google Announces Mobile Friendliness as a Ranking Factor

Google has been pushing and promoting mobile friendly web design since last year so it’s no surprise that Google has announced that “mobile friendliness” will be a ranking factor for those searchers on mobile devices starting on April 21, 2015. You may…

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How Many Law Firm Websites Do People Look at Before Choosing a Lawyer?

Recently iLawyerMarketing conducted a study that involved people who had hired a lawyer in the past. There were 325 participants in the study from all across the United States. One of the questions we wanted to know was how many…

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Does Your Website Design Matter to Consumers When Choosing a Lawyer?

Consumers discuss how design impacts their decision on choosing a lawyer We take a lot of pride in trying to produce the most beautiful websites in the legal industry, but beauty isn’t the only thing we care about. The “brains”…

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The Importance of Having a Great Design in Law Firm Marketing

Competition amongst law firms online is at an all-time high and rightfully so. There are nearly 280 million Internet users in the U.S. alone. As of January 2014, according to Pew Research, 87% of the U.S. population uses the Internet. These…

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