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Web Design for lawyers

Your law firm website: It’s one of the 5 keys of successful law firm marketing in 2024. Your website is the foundation of all your marketing. Investing in the right website is absolutely critical to maximizing the results of your marketing. specializes in law firm website design solutions that will help you grow your practice through the Internet. The saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” without question applies to the web. On average, a visitor will make a judgment about your law firm’s website within the first three seconds of landing on your page. The bottom line is that if your website doesn’t immediately grab the attention of your site visitors, they will leave and move on to the next lawyer website they find. Our professional web designers will create a custom website for your law firm that will grab the attention of your site visitors and help to convert website visitors into new clients.

What makes our attorney web designs different from others?

  • Designed to Impress: We know the importance of making a great first impression on your potential clients. That’s why our goal is always to design a website that impresses your website visitors and makes your law firm look better than your competitors.
  • Custom designs: All our designs are custom-designed by our incredibly talented designers. Unlike most other companies who buy and use cookie cutter templates, we personally create every single site we design.
  • SEO friendly websites: Most attorney websites that exist on the web today suffer from code bloat, which usually results in a negative impact on search engine rankings. That’s because sites were not built with SEO in mind. We keep SEO in mind with every site we design and build.
  • Designed to Convert: The goal of every site we create is to maximize the conversion rate of website visitors. This ultimately translates into more leads and more cases for your law firm. We use research, data, and 15+ years of law firm marketing experience when it comes to designing and building law firm websites.

Designed to Impress

Created to Convert

What is the design and development process like?

At iLawyer Marketing, all law firm web designs with an in-depth analysis of your law firm and your law firm’s strengths. We want to make sure that your “selling points” are prominently featured in your design, so it’s important for us to know and understand your firm better before we begin the design process. We want to know what you like (design, colors, images), as well as what you don’t like, to make sure we are creating a website that matches your vision.

After learning about the firm, we start the design process. Here we blend the information we learned about your firm with the deep insights we have into how consumers research and hire law firms online. We incorporate CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) best practices in all our websites in order to maximize the leads you get from potential clients visiting your website.

We then present you with the design we’ve created. We will review it together, and if needed, make design revisions in order to perfect the design. Once you have given us your stamp of approval, we can begin the development process, which is what brings your website to life. After the web development work has been completed, you will be able to review the fully functioning website on a development environment before we publish your new site to the web.

Law Firm Websites That Can Help You Generate More Revenue

At iLawyer Marketing, we believe in smarter law firm marketing. Successful marketing campaigns for law firms always start with smarter websites and/or landing pages. We have invested heavily in research around understanding consumer behavior when it comes to researching law firms online. The design decisions we make are based on data and experience. Through years of research, we know that your site visitors are often comparing your website to other law firm websites, so our goal is to create a website that looks and functions better than your competitors. Ultimately, these things can help you convert more website visitors into actual signed clients.

If the goal for your site is to help you generate more cases, it’s also incredibly important to have a website that is built “search engine friendly”. Since our expertise lies in SEO, all our websites are programmed with code that allows all the content on your website to be found by search engines. Our website developers are trained by our SEO experts to ensure that your website is built to maximize your visibility on Google. Other attorney web design services do not understand search engine optimization at the level that we do, which means the websites they build often times are missing important elements that a site needs in order to attain high visibility on the Internet. Better online visibility means more leads for your law firm.

Your website is the foundation of a successful Internet marketing campaign. Investing in a professionally built, high quality website will mean a higher conversion rate of website visitors, ultimately meaning more business for your law firm.

SEO Friendly Website Build to Convert

We spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year trying to study and learn how consumers research and contact lawyers online. What is important to consumers? Does design matter? What can increase your website visitor conversion rates? We put a lot of thought into the sites we design to help increase the chance that your law firm marketing campaign is a success!

Are you ready to take your law firm’s website to the next level?

Isn’t it time for your website design to match the quality of your law firm? If you are ready to impress your consumers and. your peers, it’s time to contact iLawyer Marketing. Fill out the quote request below and get started today.

Law Firm Web Design FAQs

Can my website design impact my Google rankings?

Yes, the design, layout, and functionality of a website will have an impact on your rankings. This is why it’s important to use a company that has a deep understanding of SEO for lawyers. While any company can say they understand how to build a website that is SEO friendly, the great majority of law firm web design companies do not have the capability or experience of getting first page rankings on Google. This is why we use SEO best practices with each site we design and develop.

How long will it take to build a new website for my law firm?

On average, we can build a new site within 90 days. In certain cases, we can build your site in as little as 6 weeks, depending on what your firm needs with your new design and development project. Building a great law firm website takes time, and we typically invest hundreds of hours into designing a beautiful website and programming the site with search engine friendly code.

What size law firms do you work with?

iLawyer Marketing works with all types of firms, from solo practitioners to large law firms with hundreds of employees. We have law firm website design solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. So whether you are a small firm, mid-size firm, or large firm, we have the experience and expertise to help you create a beautiful website for your firm.

How much does law firm website design cost?

Cost for a new website design can range all over the board, and will depend on the specifics of your project. If we are creating a new site from scratch, that’s easier than rebuilding an existing website with thousands of pages. Costs vary greatly because the needs of each new client we take on are different each time. Are you looking to redesign your existing law firm website? Does your site need the ability to schedule appointments or to make payments? Are you wanting to carry over all the images on your old site to your new redesigned site? If you contact us, we can provide you with a free quote after we find out more about your current situation.

Do you use off-the-shelf WordPress themes?

Absolutely not. WordPress themes are typically overloaded with code bloat, resulting in poor website performance, which can negatively impact conversion rates and website rankings. While we build all our site in WordPress, all the sites we design and build are custom created by our ultra-talented design team. Most low-cost web design companies use prebuilt WordPress themes because they are easy to build, which means much less programming time to build a site. However, this is not good if you care about your search engine rankings and maximizing conversion rates.

Will I own the website you create for me?

Yes. Unlike other law firm web design companies in our industry, once you have paid for your website, you will own it completely. We do not build our sites on any proprietary platform, as we want to give our clients the freedom to take their site wherever they want after they work with us. This is why we build all our websites on WordPress.

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