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If you are a law firm in need of SEO for mass tort cases, iLawyer Marketing can help. iLawyer Marketing is the premier SEO company in the legal industry. We have extensive experience with mass tort search engine optimization. Ask us to show you our results and you will see why iLawyer has the reputation of being the best mass tort SEO agency for attorneys.

Why Choose iLawyer Marketing for Mass Tort SEO

Selecting the right SEO company is not easy. There are many legal SEO agencies out there, but only a small handful are very good at what they do. Why should you choose iLawyer Marketing for mass tort SEO?

  • Over 18 years of experience in law firm SEO: Experience is extremely important when it comes to mass tort SEO. Mass tort SEO is incredibly competitive and you need a company that understands how to win at mass tort SEO.
  • Proven results: Ask us to show you live examples of our mass tort SEO results on Google. When it comes to mass tort SEO, you need a company that is capable of ranking for the most competitive terms in the legal world. While we can optimize for other search engines, Google is the one that matters most.
  • No long term contracts required: Some companies try to lock you in to long term SEO contracts, even as long as 2 or 3 years! With our mass tort SEO services, we are able to offer our search engine optimization services on a month-to-month basis.

Types of Mass Tort Cases We Can Help You Rank For

What type of mass tort cases are you looking to generate? We can help you rank for any mass tort cases, including:

  • Camp Lejeune Water Contamination
  • AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuits
  • PFAS Mass Torts
  • Hair Relaxer Lawsuits
  • Hernia Mesh Lawsuits
  • Tepezza Hearing Loss
  • Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuits
  • Ozempic Lawsuits
  • Bard PowerPort Lawsuits
  • Artificial Tears Lawsuits
  • Paraquat Lawsuits
  • CPAP Machine Lawsuits
  • NEC Formula Lawsuits
  • Wildfire Lawsuits
  • Cartiva Implant Lawsuits
  • Clergy Abuse Lawsuits
  • Roundup Lawsuits
  • Topamax Lawsuits

Mass Tort Leads and Signed Retainer Services

iLawyer Marketing not only offers mass tort SEO, but we also offer mass tort leads and complete (TCPA compliant) signed retainer services.

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What’s better for mass tort marketing: SEO or Paid Search?

Both SEO and paid search, such as Google Ads, have their place in a balanced mass tort marketing strategy. SEO offers long-term, sustainable results and builds trust, while paid search provides immediate visibility and can be particularly effective for time-sensitive cases.

What’s the difference between marketing for mass torts and general personal injury cases?

Marketing for mass torts often targets a larger group affected by a specific issue, requiring a broader and more specialized approach, whereas personal injury marketing may focus on individual cases with unique circumstances. While local SEO is highly competitive, law firm SEO that competes at the national level is even more competitive. This is why you need the very best mass tort SEO agency on your side.

Should personal injury lawyers get into mass torts?

Personal injury lawyers should consider getting into mass torts. There is incredible opportunity to generate big revenue in the mass tort world. It is also wise to diversify, considering that the number of car accident cases will start to be reduced in the years to come, as self driving cars becomes a reality.

Is getting into mass torts risky?

Like any legal specialization, mass torts come with inherent risks, such as the uncertainty of litigation outcomes and the need for significant upfront investment in mass tort marketing campaigns. However, we can help provide valuable insights that will match your risk tolerence.

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