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chatbot conversation on a personal injury lawyer website

If you’re not yet utilizing chat bots on your law firm website in 2020, it may be about time that you to start. Chat bots can be a very powerful way to increase the number of leads your website generates for you. They can help your visitors find what they are looking for easier. They can also be programmed to provide better information than a human can! iLawyerMarketing A.I. chatbots will help you qualify your leads to make sure you are not wasting time with cases that have no value. Most importantly, our data shows that the conversion rates of any page with an A.I. chatbot goes up significantly, which ultimately means more cases for your law firm.

What exactly are chatbots?

A chatbot is a computer program powered by conversational rules and AI that simulates human conversation. They are most commonly used in customer service dialog environments. You have probably noticed them on many of the websites that you visit. They replace the need for live human operators and can thus be used to lower costs for businesses that utilize them. Many law firms are starting to add bots to their websites in 2020.

Where should I use chatbots?

Any web page that you are directing traffic to can benefit from the use of chat bots. Whether you are doing SEO or paid ads, chat bots can increase engagement rates of your site visitors and increase lead volume. Any page that you are sending visitors to can benefit from chat bots. The goal of any smart marketing campaign should be to increase your conversions. Whether you are spending $5,000 a month on SEO or $50,000 a month on paid search, you can generate more leads (and cases) by improving conversion rates.

So what type of situations are good examples to use a chatbot? Typically, the most important pages on your site should have a chat bot on them. Your law firm’s home page is of course an obvious choice, but you can increase your chances of converting visitors by having custom bots on internal pages of your site (or on dedicated landing pages). For example, a personal injury law firm may want to have a custom bot built for their car accident page. Here we can build a custom bot in order to personalize the questions and make them specific to motor vehicle accidents (“Were you recently in a car accident?”, “Where did this accident occur?”, “Who was determined to be at fault?”, “What kind of injuries were involved?”, “Did you receive medical treatment?”, etc.)

car accident chatbot

A bicycle accident landing page could have an entirely different bot tailored for bicycle accidents, personalizing the user experience for your visitor. Personalizing the experience for your website visitor plays a very big part in improving website conversion rates, while at the same time helping your firm appear to be more knowledgeable than your competitors. “Where were you biking when this accident occurred?” “What type of bike were you riding?”, “What kind of injuries did you suffer from your bike accident?”. The same concept can apply to any other important pages on your site.

Add chatbots to your law firm website

It’s only a matter of time before the majority of law firms start adding chat bots to their websites. It may be a great time to start adding chatbots to your site before all your competitors have them as well. Take advantage of improved conversion rates while you can.

If you would like to see a demo of our bots, contact us today.

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