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Search Engine Optimization Agency for Attorneys

  • No long term contracts required
  • Over 15+ years of experience working with law firms
  • Proprietary SEO software that gives us a competitive advantage
  • Our clients currently have 1st page Google rankings for thousands of keywords

Looking for SEO Services that Actually work? 

Are you looking for a law firm SEO services provider? iLawyerMarketing can help. For more than 15 years, iLawyerMarketing has been helping law firms to get high visibility on Google, so that they can be found by consumers who are searching for attorneys online.

At iLawyerMarketing, we have developed a reputation for being the best SEO services provider in the legal marketing industry, based on our history of being able to earn top rankings on Google for highly competitive search phrases. Please ask us to share live, current results with you so that you can see evidence of our best in-class SEO services.

What Does Our Law Firm SEO Services Include?

The SEO services we provide will be tailored to what your needs and goals are. At iLawyerMarketing, our focus will be on optimizing your SEO campaign for new signed cases, not just keywords and traffic. Why? Becuase this is what’s most important for any law firm. This focus is part of what makes us different. In order to help achieve that goal, we have different levels of SEO services that can include:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis: Identifying and targeting relevant keywords that potential clients are using in Google searches to find lawyers online. This includes top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel keywords so that we can maximize leads and cases for your firm.
  • On-Page Optimization: Includes optimizing the ‘on-page’ elements of your website. This includes the content on the page, title tags, use of headers, schema tags, images, image alt text and meta descriptions (which don’t impact rankings but they do matter for maximizing Click Through Rates, so it’s important for optimizing for signed cases).
  • Content Creation and Optimization: Developing high-quality, informative, and keyword-rich content that aligns with Google’s emphasis on user value. We have highly experienced legal content writers that can create the kind of content that will satisfy by human users and Google’s algorithms. Our proprietary content optimization software uses AI, NLP and data analyzis to help give our SEO team a great advantage over other law firm SEO services providers. Additionally, most of our SEO services include the creation of share-worthy content, sometimes referred to as linkable assets.
  • Mobile Optimization: Since Google’s primary index uses the mobile version of your website, we understand the importance of making sure the mobile version of your site is properly optimized.
  • Technical SEO: Addressing technical aspects like website speed, SSL certificates, and structured data to meet Google’s guidelines are important for maximizing visibility in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • Link Building: While not as important as it was in years past, link building is still important when it comes to earning high rankings on Google. Acquiring backlinks from websites that are higher quality is an important part of SEO in 2024. The reality is that bad links can negatively impact your Google rankings, so link quantity should never be the goal. Link building is part of what is considered off-page SEO.
  • Local map pack SEO: Optimizing for high visibility in the local pack (aka map pack) is important for law firms looking to generate business from their local area.
  • Google Business Profile optimization: Having a properly optimized GBP (Google Business Profile) is an important part of law firm SEO,
  • Google Analytics Integration: Using Google Analytics is an extremely important part of SEO process. We review this data every month in order to identify areas of opportunity for your SEO campaign. It’s also important to be able to track website traffic and lead volumes.
  • Google Search Console Management: We use Google Search Console data to help enhance SEO performance, including identifying search volume data, keyword research and content ideation to help maximize your SEO campaign.
  • User Experience (UX) Optimization: Enhancing the website’s user experience is an important part of earning high Google rankings. Google gives preference to websites that give users a positive user experience. This is why SEO friendly website design is such an important part of the sucess of any law firm marketing campaign.
  • Competitor Analysis: Our SEO team is constantly analyzing what your (our) top ranking competitors are doing to optimize their websites. This helps us keep an eye on the competition, and gives us ideas and inspiration for how we can better optimize your campaign.
  • Social Media Integration: For some firms, we leverage social media to support SEO efforts and increase visibility for the content we create. Sometimes this comes in the way of paid promotion, as it can help to create awareness for your law firm.
  • Reporting and Analysis: We use a proprietary law firm marketing dashboard that shows you the performance of your marketing campaigns, and help to identify if your leads are coming from organic rankings on Google or paid ads, such as LSAs, Google text ads, Facebook ads, etc. Understanding this is important so you know what is working and how you are generating your leads and signed cases.
  • Google Ads Management data sharing: For law firms that are also using iLawyerMarketing to manage Google Ads, we use this data to help with stategy, ideation and implemention of your SEO campaign. This helps give powerful information that can be used by our SEO team to help optimize your campaign for more leads and new signed cases.

Importance of SEO for Law Firms

Did you know that 9 out of 10 consumers use Google when conducting research in the process of hiring a lawyer? In a study we recently conducted, a little more than 90% of study participants said they would use Google as part of their research process for trying to find a lawyer. No other platform is even close! If you don’t have first page visibility on Google for searches that consumers are using to find law firms online, you are missing out on cases. Those cases are going to firms that invest in SEO services, paid search ads and social media marketing. Ask any law firm that has had success in marketing their practice online and most will tell you that SEO produces the best ROI of any type of marketing.

If you have tried SEO but it didn’t work for you in the past, it’s not because SEO doesn’t work. Our data shows us that it absolutely works when it’s done the right way. If you have never had success with SEO, it’s most likely because you used a law firm SEO services provider who couldn’t compete with the best legal SEO agencies in the business. Competition on Google is fierce and there is extremely limited supply of SEO real estate on the 1st page of Google!  This is why choosing the right SEO agency for your law firm is vital to your online marketing success. If you are looking to drive more leads for your law firm, contact the team at iLawyerMarketing today.

Key Components of Effective SEO for Law Firms

What is important when it comes to SEO that actually works? Google uses thousands of factors when it comes to ranking web pages in their search engine. While their ranking algorithm is a highly guarded secret, we’ve done successful law firm SEO for over 15 years and we know there are some things that are absolutely critical to ranking high on Google. Some of these things include: 

  • Smarter content strategies: While most people only go after a few different “key” search terms, this is a very outdated method of SEO. Our SEO services include going after a bigger pool of keywords and phrases, which ultimately results in driving more leads for your law firm. Content is an important part of any successful marketing strategy. 
  • In depth keyword research: We utilize out databases that include millions of keywords used by consumers who are in need of legal assistance.
  • Top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content strategies: While most companies only think about bottom of the funnel content (for example, “criminal defense lawyer Riverside, CA”), we also include other parts of the search funnel to help increase awareness for your law firm. For example, a top of the funnel search may be “Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company after an accident”.
  • Higher quality content: While content is subjective to humans, it is not to Google. We create content aimed at satisfying both Google crawlers and search engine spiders.
  • SEO friendly website programming: In order to maximize visibility in the search results pages, a website should be build SEO friendly and optimized with technical SEO in mind.
  • Fast loading websites: Your site should load quickly on desktop and mobile. This is also very important for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to help maximize leads.
  • Visually impressive websites: Your website should impress your site visitors. If it does, it will absolutely result in more leads (and signed cases) for your law firm. It should also be built with UI/UX best practices to keep visitors on your site longer. Beautifully designed website can also help with the link building process, as people are more likely to link to a high quality, modern website.
  • Content assets:  Linkable assets, or content assetes, can help in the link building process. This ultimately helps you earn more trust with Google, which translates into higher rankings, more leads, and more signed cases.
  • Higher quality backlinks: Not all links to a website are the same. Some links do absolutely nothign at all to help improve your rankings. Some links to your site can actually hurt rankings on Google. High quality links are the ones that can help improve your search engine rankings. 
  • Building trust with Google: Earning trust from Google is a vital part to ranking high on Google. Without this trust, you cannot rank for highly competitive search terms.
  • Utilizing software: We use our proprietary software to give our SEO team an advantage over other law firm SEO services providers. There are certain things that software can do that humans are simply incapable of. This is why we invest a lot of time and money into creating software that can help our clients rank better.

Client Testimonial

“Our work with iLawyer Marketing has resulted in a website that consistently ranks on page one of Google and Bing for personal injury and wrongful death keywords and searches in the Seattle Metro and Greater Seattle markets.”

Greg Colburn, Colburn Law

pi attorney website

Client Testimonial

“They literally took my website from where nobody could find it to the top of Google & as a result the number of cases I pull off the internet has exploded.  I quickly noticed more calls, more leads and more cases. I highly recommend their services.”

Larry Williams, Larry R. Williams, PLLC

nashville car accident lawyer website

“iLawyerMarketing has done a phenomenal job for our firm in a very short time. They are great people, they’re very responsive and their work product speaks for itself.”

Shahrad Milanfar, Milanfar Law Firm P.C.

Results of Our Law Firm SEO Services

Our SEO services lead to increased rankings in SERPs, increased traffic, increased lead generation and ultimately (and most importantly!) more signed cases from our marketing efforts.  

How to Choose the Right Company to Handle Your Law Firm SEO

Please ask us to share with you current live examples of our clients ranking in the top 3 results on Google for highly competitive search phrases.

law firms ranking for competitive keywords

Choosing the right SEO agency for your law firm is a critical decision, and certainly not an easy one! Every legal marketing company out there will tell you they can get you 1st page Google results, but the reality is that most companies are incapable of getting you high rankings. Here are some of the questions you should be asking any law firm SEO services provider you are considering:

  • Do you specialize in law firm SEO?
  • How long have you been doing law firm SEO?
  • Can you share at least 5 examples of where you have top 5 rankings on Google for highly competitive search phrases, for 5 different law firms?
  • Ask for references from other law firms the SEO company has worked with.
  • Check online reviews: What do other law firms say about working with the SEO services company you are considering? While not all reviews of any business are going to be perfect, the heavy majority of reviews should be positive.

It’s important to keep in mind, if a marketing agency is showing you example results, make sure that the keywords are examples of the same keywords that you want to rank for. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm, you want the service provider to show you multiple examples of top 5 Google rankings for searches like {city} car accident lawyer or {city} personal injury attorney. If you are a family law firm, you want examples of {city} divorce lawyer or {city} family law attorney.

What types of law firms we work with

  • Personal injury law firms
  • Mass tort law firms
  • Criminal defense law firms
  • Family law firms
  • Employment law firms
  • Immigration law firms
  • Business law firms
  • Estate planning law firms

Serving the U.S. and Canada

  • Lemon law firms
  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Real estate law
  • Class action law firms
  • Investment fraud
  • Elder abuse / Nursing home abuse
  • Bankruptcy/Debt Collection

FAQs about Law Firm SEO Services

How long will it take for SEO to work?

The time it takes depends on a variety of factors, but seeing results and generating new leads from SEO efforts generally takes between 3 months to a year (or longer for the most competitive search phrases in the most competitive markets). The strength of the websites you are competing against is of course a big factor, as well as the strength of your own website. Our strategy is to try and generate results as soon as we can and we do this by taking a smarter approach to SEO. We don’t want to optimize just for your primary keywords, we want your site to rank for hundreds of related keywords to give you the best chance of increasing traffic and generating new leads for your firm.

How much does law firm SEO cost?

SEO costs will vary depending on how competitive it is for the keywords you want to rank for. Since all our SEO plans are tailored to the specific needs of your law firm, prices vary widely and there is no default price. Be wary of any SEO company that has a flat rate SEO fee, you will be wasting your money and you don’t see results out of it. Since competition is so high amongst law firms competing for organic visibility on Google, there are no low-cost SEO solutions that will work in 2024. The price for SEO of course varies depending on the SEO provider. The best law firm SEO companies are going to cost more than a typical SEO services provider, but if you get high rankings and are ultimately generating cases, the cost is usually worth it. If you are interested in finding out how much we would charge for SEO services, contact us for a free customized quote. There will be no obligation and no annoying sales consultant bothering you if you are not interested after receiving a quote. In fact, we do not take all clients that approach us for our services. We want to ensure we are a good fit for each other before we take on any new client.

What makes iLawyerMarketing different from other SEO service providers?

For starters, we’ve been doing law firm SEO for longer than most any other company in the industry. We have specialized in law firm SEO since 2006 and have developed a reputation for being the best SEO services provider for law firms in the country. More important than experience however, is the results we have been able to get for our clients. Call and ask us to share with you examples of where our clients have top rankings on Google for the most competitive keywords. We have lots of success stories we can share with you. Part of the reason for that success is our proprietary SEO tools that we have developed, which give us an advantage over other law firm SEO companies. We’d be happy to demo some of our tools so you can see what makes iLawyer so good at law firm SEO.

Do you outsource your SEO?

No, our SEO work is done in-house by our highly experienced SEO team. While many law firm SEO companies outsource their SEO work to keep down costs, we know that this leads to lower quality SEO work, which ultimately would mean a lower volume of leads for your law firm. In order to maximize the quality of our work, we don’t outsource the work we do. Our goal is to optimize for new signed cases for your firm, and we know the best way to do this is by having SEO work being performed by our in-house team.

Does PPC Help with SEO?

Not directly, but indirectly, it can. Since Google does not show all the keywords people used to visit your site in Google analytics, we can get much better data on what keyword are driving traffic and impressions in our Google ads manager account. While you can see impression and click data inside of Google Search Console, that data has proven to be inaccurate. We prefer to run SEO campaigns together with PPC campaigns to maximize the chances of consumers finding your law firm online. If budget allows, we recommend doing PPC and SEO.

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