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  • Camp Lejuene signed retainers
  • Camp Lejeune leads
  • Camp Lejuene SEO

Is your law firm looking for Camp Lejuene cases? The team at iLawyer Marketing can help. The best way to run Camp Lejuene marketing campaigns is using a multi-channel marketing approach. When it comes to law firm marketing, you don’t have to outspend your competition if you outsmart your competition.

Our team can handle every aspect of the Camp Lejuene marketing process, from runnings ads, to handling all lead intake and qualification, to getting your law firm signed retainers. All while ensuring that we handle all aspects of this process with the highest ethical standards and levels of compliance.

Our process will ensure that all PNCs have the following:

  • Client has a qualifying cancer related to Camp Lejuene
  • Client was based at Camp Lejeune for a minimum of 30 days & between t1953 – 1987
  • Diagnosed with qualifying cancer between 1953 to present time
  • Not working with any other law firms
  • The PNC is 100% exclusive to your law firm


Call our office today and we will answer any questions you have regarding Camp Lejuene signed retainers, leads or acquisition services.

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