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The Next Level in Law Firm Paid Search Marketing

We provide ad platforms with hyper-targeted audience data and up to 30-60x more data so we can train the ad algorithms to be smarter than ever, resulting in more leads at a lower cost per lead.


The iLawyer Ultra Pixel has access to more than 280 million user profiles and over 50 billion URLs online, tracking billions of real-time behaviors and giving us access to over 1 trillion data points. This enables us to build powerful, highly targeted paid search campaigns targeted at in-market audiences.

So, what can we do with this technology?

1. Serve Ads to In-Market Audiences

Using A.I. together with the search intent and browsing behavior of hundreds of millions of users, we can identify individuals who are likely to be in-market for certain types of legal services, and serve laser targeted ads to those people. This is a combination of search intent and looking at the actual programatic feeds of real ad-buyers to determine whether someone is “in-market”. Programmatic media buying utilizes data insights and algorithms to serve ads to users. If this sounds complex…it is. But this the simplest way to explain this is that this technology allows us to send the right ads, to the right people, at the right time. It is a much smarter way or running paid ads, resulting in more leads at a lower CPL (cost per lead) for your law firm.

We can run in-market audience campaigns to target almost any kind of case. Some examples include:

  • Mass torts
  • Personal injury
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Criminal defense
  • Family law
  • Work injuries
  • Employment law
  • Immigration
  • Bankruptcy
  • and more

For example, if we want to target motor vehicle accident cases, we can target people who demonstrate certain search behaviors and are visiting certain websites that indicate that they may have been involved in an accident. Here’s an example scenario:

Step 1: User has recently visited a web page that discusses PTSD after an accident.

example web page

Step 2: User searches for “insurance rates after an accident not my fault” and visits another page on the web.

example webpage

Step 3: Our AI would classify this person as someone in-market.

Artificial Intelligence

Step 4: We would target this user with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

FB Ad example

By using data together with A.I., we can run smarter ad campaigns than ever before.

2. Identify Anonymous Visitors to Your Website

Prior to this technology, if someone came to your website but didn’t call or contact you, you would never know they were on your site. Now, utilizing the identify graph of hundreds of millions of people together with the iLawyer Ultra Pixel, we can identify up to 40% of your website visitors. We can often get names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, age, income levels and many other demographic data points.

What can we do with anonymous visitor ID data?

  • Improve ad performance: Using the data points we can collect on visitors we can ID, we can increase match rates on various ad platforms, resulting in better ad performance.
  • Run more advanced retargeting ads: After the iOS privacy updates, most law firms lost the ability to retarget site visitors. Now we can retarget a significant portion of your website visitors that you are unable to now.
  • Send ads via mail: Since we have address information for many users, a physical mailer campaign may make sense, depending on the types and value of the cases you are targeting.
  • Identify competitors visiting your site: Wondering if competitors are visiting your site? You may be able to see competitors that come to your site.

Identity resolution is used by many mid to large companies to improve and personalize their advertising. Everything we do is compliant with all CAN-SPAM and the CDPA (Customer Data Protection Act).

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