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After the iOS update that removed tracking capabilities for digital advertising platforms, iLawyer Marketing started looking into other solutions that would allow us to better optimize our paid ad campaigns. iLawyerID is a new tool from iLawyer Marketing that replaces the traditional approach of using multiple pixels, cookies, and tracking codes by using a single pixel on your site. This allows for higher quality first-party data to be sent back to ad platforms like Facebook and Google, resulting in better ad optimization, the ability to retarget a much great pool of your website visitors, and most importantly, increased conversions.

In early testing, iLawyerID has the ability to identify up to 40% of your website visitors, even if they have not called or emailed your firm. This includes names, email addresses, physical addresses, phones and other demographic data. This technology is what some of the largest companies in the world use, but has always been far expensive to be able to used by small to medium sized businesses. Now, this technology is available to law firms nationwide.

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