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At iLawyer Marketing, our #1 goal is to help law firms successfully market their law firms on the Internet. Each year, competition of the legal marketplace online gets more and more competitive. What may have worked in the past for your firm is probably not working now. Successful Internet marketing campaigns require multiple different elements, starting with your website. It’s no longer enough simply to have a website. Today, your website has to be as good or better than your competitors. This often includes sophisticated, attention grabbing web designs with plenty of information and professionally created web videos. The average consumer compares 5 different law firms online before contacting an attorney. Will those consumers choose your firm or your competition?

In addition to a great website design, having 1st page visibility on the major search engines is absolutely crucial. The biggest difference between iLawyer Marketing and our competitors is our consistent ability to get our client’s high rankings on Google. With other lawyer marketing companies, you are taking a chance. At iLawyer Marketing, all our clients have 1st page Google rankings for multiple search phrases and this is critical to consistently generating new cases from the Internet. Most lawyer marketing companies talk about giving you many “bells and whistles” as part of their service offerings and often times this is to cover up the fact that they will not get your website to the 1st page of Google. Plain and simple, nothing is more important than achieving high rankings for a wide variety of search phrases if you want to have an online marketing plan that actually works.

At iLawyer Marketing, we know what’s most important is increasing the number of cases you generate through your website. And not just any cases, but the specific types of cases that you would like to handle. Our goal with each client is to help them grow their practice by targeting the specific types of cases that they are looking to generate.

Why do our clients like working with us?

  • No long term contracts are required!
  • 1st page organic visibility on Google for a wide variety of search phrases
  • We limit the number of law firms we work with in each geographic area
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