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Sample ideas below:

1) Communication and Responsiveness:
We are dedicated to being fantastic communicators with our clients.  We will return your calls or emails in a timely fashion.

2)  Direct communication with our Attorney(s)
Attorney John Doe, will handle your case from start to finish.  This is not the case at most injury firms, especially the large, “mill” firms, where you will have a hard time even speaking to the lead attorney.  Mr. Doe is always available to his clients because we only take a select number and type of cases.

3)  We Are a Full Service Personal Injury Firm
We will handle EVERYTHING involved in your case, including property damages, rental car, disability, employment and personnel issues, health insurance disputes or delays, credit rating protection, and of course, your injury claim.

4)  Client Ratings
Our law firm has earned perfect 5/5 client ratings on the three (3) national lawyer rating services – ,

5) Reputation for Excellence
Our peers have recognized and endorsed the our Law Firm.  Other lawyers from around the state and the country have referred us clients and family members.  The insurance companies know we do not accept low-ball settlements and will file suit and go to trial if necessary.

6) We help make your future better
We work very hard to make sure you are compensated not only for past losses, but that your future is secure.

7) We have relationships with local judges and prosecutors – and that matters.

8) We take only a limited number of cases – which means we have more time to focus on you.

I have collected millions of dollars in settlements, arbitration awards and jury verdicts for my clients.

As a former insurance defense attorney, I know how insurance companies think, act, and evaluate claims. I use this to my clients’ advantage.

Better settlements come with being prepared to try cases. I am a seasoned litigator and effective advocate.

Leveraging extensive legal expertise, I objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case and help clients determine what type of legal representation they need. Free initial consultations.

Focused on each client’s unique situation and goals, I provide personal attention and open communication, and the convenience of multiple office locations.

I give my clients personal attention start to finish. Clients will meet with me, not an assistant, paralegal or junior attorney. I return all phone calls and keep in close communication with my clients.

15) I aggressively handle my clients’ cases.
I am a tough negotiator and litigator w who will pursue litigation as a means to obtain a fair settlement for my clients.

16) Smart.
I graduated first in my law school class – summa cum laude. I was Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review. I have a AVVO rating of “Excellent”, with all 5-star client reviews.

17) Native Oregonian.
I was born in Portland and raised in the Portland Metropolitan area, and I understand the local communities and nuances of the city.

18) We are Courteous and Friendly.
We are courteous to all of our clients, we treat you like we would want to be treated.

19) We like to get to know our clients.
We befriend our clients and learn about their personalities to better anticipate their needs to provide solutions customized to them.

If this sounds like the kind of law firm you would like representing you or your family member, contact us by phone or email today.  We are ready to help.

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