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If you are a law firm and have had your website rankings and traffic crushed over the past year you are not alone. If you hired a SEO company based on price to handle your law firm’s SEO, you shouldn’t be surprised. Of course keeping costs down is important for any business, but choosing a search engine optimization company based upon price can cost you much more in missed opportunities. Those that have learned their lesson the hard way will make better decisions about who to hire to handle their Internet marketing in the future.

The reality is there are very few law firm marketing companies that are great at what they do and for that reason, I love Google Penguin. Specifically, Penguin is helping to weed out those SEO’s that use cheap tactics for link building. Having quality and authority links to your website are key to ranking well because that is what helps in the level of trust Google has for your website. If Google doesn’t trust your site, you will not rank high in the organic results. So what are quality and authority links? That’s what our SEO team knows better than pretty much any other law firm marketing company out there. When it comes to cleaning up your link profile, you had better know which links are hurting your rankings and which ones are helping.

While we do not offer Google Penguin clean up services, we are offering Google Penguin Penalty Analysis for law firms. This entails a review of your website, confirmation of penalty, and the specific actions that we recommend for you to take. This can include a detailed link analysis of all links coming to your website, anchor text analysis, categorization of all links that are low quality, suggestions for which links need to be to removed, on-page over-optimization analysis, website on-page clean-up, content quality assessment, suggested removal of content pages and list of action items you need to take.

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