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It’s no secret that some of the most expensive keywords in the entire PPC industry are in the legal vertical. Using data from SpyFu, we identified the top 75 most expensive keywords for law firms advertising on Google. Going in to the 2020 marketing year, if you want to advertise your law and and run Pay Per Click ads on Google, you are going to need a “healthy” budget to compete in most markets in the United States, especially if you are a personal injury lawyer. Even with the costs being so high, law firms around the country continue to advertise on Google because it works, especially for aggressive marketers.

75 Most Expensive Legal PPC Keywords

1florida mesothelioma lawyer$485
2colorado car accident lawyers$287
3las vegas auto accident lawyers$285
4injury lawyer houston texas$284
5san diego car accident lawyers$281
6atlanta auto accident attorney$277
7san jose injury lawyer$275
8los angeles car accident lawyers$270
9chicago nursing home lawyers$265
10auto accident lawyers in houston tx$263
11mesothelioma attorneys florida$258
12houston mesothelioma lawyers$256
13columbus car accident lawyer$254
14injury lawyer in Albuquerque$252
15accident attorneys Las Vegas$251
16injury lawyer denver co$250
17dallas car wreck lawyer$248
18personal injury lawyer augusta ga$244
19truck accident lawyer houston$242
20slip and fall lawyer philadelphia$241
21best personal injury attorney san diego$241
22san francisco car accident attorney$240
23auto accident lawyer west palm beach$236
24texas truck accident attorneys$234
25injury attorney in las vegas$232
26mesothelioma lawyers new york$230
27best mesothelioma attorneys$228
28auto accident attorney okc$227
29i need a lawyer for a car accident$224
30workers comp attorney Philadelphia$224
31construction injury lawyer$223
32motorcycle crash lawyer$223
33personal injury lawyer in austin texas$223
34chicago mesothelioma lawyer$222
35car accident lawyers in Houston Texas$222
36injury lawyer san jose$220
37personal injury lawyers in houston texas$218
3818 wheeler lawyer$218
39new york mesothelioma lawyers$215
40mesothelioma doctors$215
41personal injury attorney in denver$215
42auto accident lawyer denver co$214
43utah mesothelioma lawyer$214
44san diego auto accident attorney$214
45pleural mesothelioma stages$213
46car accident attorney san diego$212
47lawyer accident claims$211
48auto accident lawyers in georgia$211
49houston mesothelioma attorney$211
50best dwi attorney dallas$210
51charlotte car accident lawyer$210
52car accident lawyers atlanta$209
53philadelphia malpractice attorney$209
54motor vehicle accident attorney near me$207
55mesothelioma attorney baltimore$206
56chicago nursing home lawyer$205
57car accident attorneys san diego$205
58houston car accident lawyers$205
59philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers$204
60medical malpractice lawyer philadelphia$204
61tampa car accident lawyer$199
62car accident lawyer tampa$199
63injury lawyers houston$199
64boston workers compensation attorney$198
65auto accident attorney las vegas$197
66medical malpractice lawyers philadelphia$195
67personal injury lawyer in miami$194
68dwi lawyer williamson county$193
69houston truck accident attorney$192
70injury lawyers san jose$191
71atlanta accident attorneys$191
72personal injury attorney houston tx$190
73Indianapolis auto accident attorney$189
74car accident lawyers in atlanta$189
75personal injury lawyers in houston tx$188

With the cost of each click being so high, it’s crucial that you are sending visitors to a page that gives you the best chance at converting your website visitors into actual leads and clients. One of the biggest mistakes that law firms make is spending amounts of money to send traffic to a website or landing page that has poor conversion rates. Don’t make the same mistakes. If you want to maximize your conversion rates, be sure that you are sending your visitors to a page that maximizes conversion rates. To increase conversion rates, make sure you are A/B testing all your ad campaigns and striving to constantly improve your ad performance.

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