Most Expensive PPC Keywords for Lawyers

In the law firm marketing space, the cost per click charges on Google Adwords can sometimes be incredibly expensive. Especially in the tort/personal injury area of law. A recent article at SEW highlighted the some of the most expensive Google Adwords keywords in the U.S. We looked at just the law related keywords, which dominated the list of 100 most expensive keywords.

Top 20 Highest Priced PPC Keywords for Attorneys

Feel free to hover over the bar charts to see CPC or simply browse the table below the chart.

Below the table shows the top 75 most expensive law related Adword costs.

1best mesothelioma lawyerNo Geo$935.71
2dallas truck accident lawyerTexas$425.70
3truck accident lawyer houstonTexas$411.04
4louisville car accident lawyerKentucky$393.79
5houston 18 wheeler accident lawyerTexas$388.84
6are personal injury settlements taxableNo Geo$377.70
7baltimore auto accident lawyerMaryland$361.34
8accident lawyer sacramentoCalifornia$358.11
9car accident lawyer phoenixArizona$358.03
10car accident lawyers los angelesCalifornia$350.42
11phoenix accident lawyerArizona$348.78
12los angeles car accident attorneyCalifornia$332.58
13mesothelioma compensationNo Geo$326.85
14car accident lawyer in atlantaGeorgia$326.76
15houston truck accident attorneyTexas$319.36
16injury lawyer dallasTexas$313.42
17personal injury attorneys phoenixArizona$306.63
18motorcycle accident attorneyNo Geo$305.58
19attorney pensacola flFlorida$297.36
20new york accident lawyerNew York$293.75
21trash truck accidentNo Geo$291.73
22phoenix truck accident lawyerArizona$290.02
23los angeles accident attorneysCalifornia$284.69
24lawyers in mesa azArizona$279.82
25auto accident attorney feesNo Geo$276.61
26mesothelioma lawsuit settlementsNo Geo$276.44
27accident lawyers in phoenixArizona$271.64
28las vegas injury lawyersNevada$269.37
29accident injury lawyerNo Geo$269.31
30motorcycle accident lawyer los angelesCalifornia$265.80
31slip and fall lawyer philadelphiaPennsylvania$262.80
32las vegas accident attorneyNevada$262.76
33car accident lawyer pittsburghPennsylvania$262.14
34trucking accident lawyerNo Geo$262.11
35auto accident attorney sacramentoCalifornia$259.72
3618 wheeler accident lawyerNo Geo$259.58
37workers comp lawyer philadelphiaPennsylvania$257.97
38medical malpractice lawyers philadelphiaPennsylvania$255.61
39sacramento lawyerCalifornia$255.20
40medical malpractice lawyers in paPennsylvania$253.38
41houston accident lawyerTexas$244.07
42car accident lawyer in houstonTexas$243.89
43charlotte auto accident attorneyNorth Carolina$242.11
44personal injury attorney phoenixArizona$240.37
45car accident lawyer orange countyCalifornia$239.97
46personal injury attorney santa anaCalifornia$239.70
47car accident attorney dallasTexas$239.29
4818 wheeler accident attorneyNo Geo$239.13
49personal injury lawyer new orleansLouisiana$236.82
50denver accident lawyerColorado$236.20
51maritime lawyer houstonTexas$231.80
52accident attorney dallasTexas$231.17
53medical malpractice attorney philadelphiaPennsylvania$230.53
54atlanta accident attorneysGeorgia$230.23
55mesothelioma settlementNo Geo$229.88
56atlanta motorcycle accident lawyerGeorgia$229.36
57motorcycle injury attorneyNo Geo$228.51
58dallas personal injury lawyersTexas$227.53
59malpractice lawyers in paPennsylvania$227.11
60personal injury lawyer in atlantaGeorgia$225.88
61accident lawyer las vegasNevada$220.81
62denver car accident attorneyColorado$220.23
63accident attorney las vegasNevada$220.13
64auto accident lawyer feesNo Geo$219.93
65accident lawyer feesNo Geo$219.06
66personal injury lawyers in las vegasNevada$218.95
67colorado springs personal injury attorneyColorado$218.06
68reno personal injury lawyerNevada$217.64
69car wreck lawyer dallasTexas$217.42
70car accident attorney sacramentoCalifornia$217.37
71las vegas auto accident attorneyNevada$216.06
72workers compensation attorney philadelphiaPennsylvania$215.70
73new york construction accident attorneyNew York$215.66
74personal injury lawyer colorado springsColorado$215.33
75personal injury lawyers atlantaGeorgia$214.69

The cost for a single click to your site can sometimes be enormous depending on the keyword you are bidding on.

To put these numbers into perspective, the majority of the PPC campaigns we manage are for personal injury lawyers and our average click cost for the year is currently $27.

As this sunburst chart below shows (hovering over it triggers tool tip information), Texas, California, Arizona and Pennsylvania clearly have aggressive marketers going after personal injury related keywords!

The original study, which looked at millions of keywords, was conducted by Emperical Proof and used SEMrush data to find the 100 most expensive Google Adwords keywords. To be clear, this means that these numbers are only an estimate and is not actual data from Google Adwords campaigns . SEMrush uses a formula to estimate CPC costs that takes into account CTR multiplied by search volume and then multiplied again by the average Cost Per Click. Without having access to Google analytics they cannot account for Quality Score which does factor in to actual PPC costs. Even though it’s not actual Google Adwords data, it is still helpful and does provide a good idea of what click charges may be in a given market.

Does this mean you shouldn’t do PPC?

No, but what it should tell you is that you should have someone who is truly an expert with extensive experience managing law firm PPC campaigns running your campaign. Even in this set of results above we see some keywords that you would not want to be paying for (at least at that price) if you were a personal injury lawyer. It pretty common knowledge in the legal marketing space that mesothelioma related searches have always been one of the most expensive keywords, but at nearly $1,000 for a single click that’s still simply shocking. And Texas really loves those truck accident keywords don’t they? If the keywords you’re bidding on priced too high then you should have a smarter strategy in place so that you are not wasting all your campaign budget in a matter of a few clicks.

With competition for Pay Per Click (as well as law firm SEO) tougher than it has ever been and click charges so high, it’s especially important that you are conducting A/B tests on your PPC campaigns to make sure you are maximizing click-throughs and conversion rates. This will help make sure you are getting the most bang for your PPC spend.



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