Reasons Why Visitors are Leaving Your Law Firm’s Website

Most law firms and law firm marketing companies focus only on increasing traffic to their website. While no doubt that’s important, another important question that should be asked is “How many people are leaving my site and going to a competitors website?” If you want to increase your chances of keeping a potential client on your site, you need a website that looks better and provides better information and answers to the questions your prospective clients are asking. Consumers don’t just go to the 1st website they visit and then contact that firm. After 10 years of analyzing law firm website analytics, I can tell you from experience that great design makes a big difference in conversion rates.  Law firms lose leads and potential cases when visitor leave their site.

What are the most common reasons people leave a law firm’s website?

All of these things can contribute to you losing a visitor or more importantly a potential case.



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