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Top 5 things people look for before hiring a lawyer

We conducted a survey this week and with over 300 responses, here is the word cloud we assembled for what people look for before hiring a lawyer. The #1 thing? Not surprisingly cost. Here are the top 5 1. Cost…

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9 Tips for Successful Law Firm Marketing in 2016

What are the strategies and tactics that the very best law firm marketers are using to be successful in 2016? If you want to give your firm the best chance to succeed, you need to know what other smart marketers…

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Should I be using PPC advertising to market my law firm in 2016?

You may have heard or seen by now that Google has removed all ads that appear on the right side of desktop search results pages. At the same time, they now show 4 paid ads at the top of the…

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Google Analytics Referral Spam

If you’ve looked at your referring visitors to your website inside of Google Analytics lately, you may have noticed some strange sources of traffic to your site. If that’s not something you normally do, it’s time you start looking. Some people…

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Do Consumers Know What an AV Rating Is? [VIDEO]

After working in law firm marketing for more than 10 years, I’ve heard the term “AV Rated” thrown around a little too often. To some, it’s important. But is it important to consumers? Do consumers even know what that is? We…

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