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Why does law firm SEO take a long time?

It’s the question every law firm business owner who is looking for law firm SEO services wants to know. “How long will it take till I start ranking on the 1st page of Google?” It’s a fair question but it’s…

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How COVID-19 Impacts Law Firm Marketing

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing serious disruption to businesses of all types in 2020, many law firms are wondering what to do about their current marketing. Of course, no one single answer applies to all. The right answer for you…

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Most Expensive PPC Keywords for Lawyers 2019

It’s no secret that some of the most expensive keywords in the entire PPC industry are in the legal vertical. Using data from SpyFu, we identified the top 75 most expensive keywords for law firms advertising on Google. Going in…

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Click Test Study for 2020: Do Consumers Click on Paid Ads or Organic Results When Trying to Find a Lawyer Online?

Many law firms wonder if consumers click on paid ads when searching for lawyers online. From our experience in handling marketing campaigns for law firms for the last 14 years and running research studies in the past, we know that…

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New Study: How Important are Reviews for Law Firms?

It’s no secret that online reviews are important for all businesses these days, and that includes law firms. What may surprise you is just how important reviews are. Here at iLawyerMarketing we regularly conduct consumer testing in order to have a…

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